World Life Forms – Life Form Identification Apps

World Life Forms provides animal, plant and insect life form identification apps for students, hobbyists and professionals.  Our mission is to organize, preserve and curate wild life form images and taxonomy profiles of all the world’s life forms.  We recognize this to be a potentially insurmountable task.   We approach with high dedication and notable zeal this opportunity to participate and provide a fraction of those species which populate the planet earth.  As always we welcome and encourage your ongoing support.

A free sampler, eLifeFormsW – A Search Life Forms Sampler is available for free download and review.  We strongly recommend all interested customers download and sample the demonstration version before buying our paid for products.  This “try before you buy” policy allows for interacting with the user interface, content sampling and overall review of the presentation.   As regular users of wild life reference materials, we believe our products are best positioned as a supplement to the field guides, software identification tools, atlases and other animal and plant life compendiums and not a replacement.